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Add a Solar Division Without The Costs or Headaches

Want to make more money selling solar without the high costs of running a solar division. EcoSave has the perfect solution for your contracting business.

Add solar to your business and we handle almost everything.

All you must do is sell the solar project. We provide you with sales presentations, sales training, marketing material, all production and even free solar leads. We even handle every aspect of production and all warranty work. This is a no brainer if you want to ad an extra revenue stream to your business in a booming industry. Not only do our green friendly products help the environment but they’re a great upsell opportunity to make more money.

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Ecosave Solar was founded with a mission to compliment service industry companies (HVAC, Solar, General Contractors, etc.) with a streamlined process to the access of various energy efficient upgrades for commercial and residential projects. What we found is that companies who have tried to implement various energy efficient products had trouble with the sourcing and logistics of delivering/installing these products; most of the time not being consistent enough to make it worthwhile to continue offering as a service. We were able to design a proprietary system of sourcing, scheduling/installing logistics, and execution to make it an easy add for our contracted partners. Our services are as easy as uploading new client information to our database and being available to pay the invoice once work is completed. Ecosave Solar handles all scheduling, customer contact regarding energy reduction audits, sourcing/delivery, install, and warranties. Call or email us today!

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